CPAP Supplies
Universal CPAP Tube by Snugell (6ft)
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
3 Reviews
Universal Premium Slim CPAP Tube (6ft)
Rated 4.9 stars
26 Reviews
Universal CPAP Tube by Snugell (8ft)
Rated 4.7 stars
3 Reviews
AirMini Adapter - Universal Fit for 15mm & 22mm Masks
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
37 Reviews
Headgear Strap Replacement for Philips Respironics DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask (2-pack, Gray)
Rated 5.0 stars
1 Review

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Distilled CPAP Water

I like that this distilled water comes in bottles that are easier to take with me (as opposed to carrying a gallon's worth of distilled water). The lid on the bottle is easy to open and closes securely. I have not had any water leaking from these bottles. Expiration date is near the bottom of the bottle; but it is so light that I can't read what the date is. Overall, using this Snugell-brand distilled water helps to extend the life of the machine, and is better for the lungs.

Phil Stuart

(verified buyer)

CPAP Travel Wipes

Every five star review I read was totally true. Excellent product. Great for traveling. Easy to remove one sheet at a time. Reseals tightly. Just wet enough to clean the mask without drenching it in liquid. I would highly recommend this product.

Mike Hilton

(verified buyer)

Strap Covers

I am very glad that I tried these strap covers. I have to wear my full face CPAP mask very tightly to prevent air leaks and each morning my face has terrible strap marks that last for hours. I got used to explaining the marks to curious people assuming that it was a side effect of using a CPAP machine. I saw these and for the price decided to give them a try. I've only worn them for two nights, but the morning difference is night and day. I no longer have any visible marks on my face. I am so very grateful for this product.

Jason Bagley

(verified buyer)

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