CPAP Distilled Water 12oz 8 Pack


Snugell™ Distilled Water helps prolong the life of CPAP devices by keeping humidifier chamber clean of bacteria, and free of mineral deposits. 

Our multipurpose distilled water can be used in CPAP devices, humidifiers, facial steamers, nasal cleansing pots, and for general cosmetic cleaning purposes. 



Just pour Snugell™ distilled water into humidifier chamber as directed by your device manufacturer

Key Benefits

• HELPS PROLONG THE LIFE OF CPAP MACHINE: Keeps humidifier chamber clean of bacteria and free of mineral deposits.

• UP TO 12 DAYS SUPPLY: The 8-pack of 12oz per bottle comes in the perfect size for full month of stock for nights of use in the CPAP humidifier chamber - as recommended by respiratory therapists; and its conveniently sized for travel use while away from home.

• MADE IN USA: Proudly distilled in the USA, Snugell CPAP Distilled Water is thoroughly steam-filtered, and processed through UV and Ozonation.

• MULTIPURPOSE DISTILLED WATER: Can be used in CPAP devices, humidifiers, facial steamers, nasal cleansing pots, and for general cosmetic cleaning purposes.


24-pack Shipping Size:         10.1 x 5.0 x 6.2 inches
24-pack Shipping Weight:    6.6 lbs

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